Friday, February 10, 2012

Drops of sky

I am roused by the smell
The sound of thousand little drops
Pit-pattering on the pavement

They beckon for me to come out
And stand amidst them
A part of their elaborate dance

I rush outside to watch
As the sky comes down
In million fragments, all alike

They are the million sons
Of sky and the cloud
Shy of sunshine, the daughter of sun

I wonder if there are new arrivals
They feel the same as they did all those years ago
Wet in touch, wet in taste, washing me away

Are they like me?
New in every moment but essentially the same
Varying emotions, varying sizes but never a ghost, always me

Indeed there is a kinship
As I rise from the ground in welcome
They fall from the sky too eager to please

I raise up my face for a kiss
But they take me in for something more intense
Caressing my face lightly

It’s cold outside, but they are ice
Piercing the warm blankets around me
Making goose-bumps come alive

Now they are me, I am they
Soaked through and through with each other
Equilibrium of sorts

As I look on, the colors have all mingled
Green of grass seeping into cold gray tar
Flowers and leaves in shades entirely new

They are holding back now
The noise recedes, but it smells heavenly around
Their essence lives in all things earthly

I walk back in
Taking a memory with me when we were one
Still my skin tingles as those drops trace their story down my spine…

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Apology

A wondrously sunny morning
A spring in her step as she walks
A heart fluttering furiously her only warning
Only one person on her mind as she talks

Engaged in a verbal duel with the girls
Her sneaky eyes only seek a certain face
Complimenting others, flaunting her pearls
The delay throws her happiness out of pace

A furrow between her perfect eyebrows
A sulk on her pink lips
The entire wrath that hell endows
Is lashed out as her tongue whips

The insincerity of the heart
The very casual promise
The cheesy lines on his part
She’s a young vulnerable girl, just a novice

Oh yes, she is hurt
Yes, she is mad
Her lips seal in a smile too curt
Her eyes filling with an emotion too sad

She spends the day in thought
Making vows to herself through the day
She won’t ever feel this again
She won’t ever again go that way

As she treads on the same pathway
That she had followed that sunny morn
She realizes how much has drained away
From her fluttering heart, yes, now she has been warned

On that path, some distance away
Stands a figure shadowed
Just one glance makes her heart flip
Her throat is constricted with the load

She avoids his eyes, rushing on ahead
Trying to blink away the tears before they’ve come
Her heart was literally breaking, as they had said
Fury mingling with hurt

He calls out her name
She turns to face him
Braces herself for this one last game
And whips out all the fire to satiate her whim

He stands with his head hanging
Shuffles his feet on the ground
His hand rises with a red rose in it
And a muttered apology is found

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where I belong

On a moonless night
When even the stars are afraid to come out
Like a wolf  I howl with all my might
I crave to be heard as I shout

The jagged edges of my voice cut me like a broken glass
The lonesome darkness creeps me out
The jungle of horror doesn't allow me to pass
Darkness eats up my hopes, all that is left is doubt

Ground beneath me crumbles and cries
Silence fills my ears like a raging storm
My spirit weeps through my eyes
Never imagined I would die in this form

Suddenl, I see a clearing
Before my eyes, lies the light, the crowd
I stagger, i don't know what was I fearing
The darkness of night or what the light hides beneath its shroud

I stumble back, the ground helps me to stand
The darkness opens its arms for me
The jungle comforts me as its horrors hold my hands
The piercing silence helps me to see

I lie in the embrace of the dark and cry
Signs of peace have replaced every frown
Now have I understood where I really belong
I smile at heaven as a single tear runs down.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am the One

Living in the shadows of the past
Broken, jagged pieces poking at my heart

Pressed down by the dark, oppressed by the light
Wouldn't have lasted a minute, had i not put up a fight
 With fate, with destiny, with the creators of this world
Every blow gives a new wound, every second a new weapon is hurled

Too weak to cry, too proud to bow
Too indignant to let it go, can't give up now

I was the one you never did want
The one you wish you were off without
The one you wish you weren't burdened with
The seed you wish that never did sprout

You don't wanna feel that but the past feeds on you too
The shadows come closer, they scare the life out of you

You tower over me trying to get me in line
But that way is yours, it never was mine
Every word you speak hits like an arrow on fire
The pain it causes could put to shame the whole hell's fire

The darkness of night now seems pretty tame
Was always afraid of it until the real shadows came!
It relishes the stingy dark inside me
Laughs at the ghosts of shadows that call themselves 'night'

Why can't you just let b
Why not let me choose this time what is right!

I am the one you never did want
The toy of evil, the joke of a life
The one you wish was broken
To you I am just a stinging knife....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its Her!

I watched over the night
As she came with light steps on ground
She gently blew out the light
Her face serene, her voice the most peaceful sound

Black Cashmere wrapped around her arms
She leaves a moist blackness behind her
A dark being with endless charms
She walks with the twinkle of stars beside her

Gently she tugs at me
Taking me where I've wanted to be
She's the one who sets me free
Like a single drop going away from the sea

She walks on alone
No one's at home waiting for her to get back
She has lovers whom she has never known
She drifts away treading on her tracks

I love the sweet sadness on her face
I just so wish if she would stay
A curl shifts, a movement of grace
I see the first ray of light as she walks away...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Window

Wrote this one sometime back...a bit on the philosophical side...:

In a corner of my room, still and old
Sits a window, filled with browns and blacks
Almost dead like a corpse, rotten and cold
People say it is life, imagination it lacks

I’ve seen it since I was small
It never seems to age
Ancient it looks, frame and all
As if stuck in a book, on the very same page

Ancient! Aye, I agree, ancient magic works on it
Age old saying goes, “Looks can be deceptive!”,
And deception it uses, deeper than the deepest pit
The magic forbids to us the real perspective

It is the lover of the moon
Gains life at the touch of moonlight
At this sight all the fairies swoon
Music begins and the phoenix takes flight

Through that window I’ve seen the best days
Seen the rain change to crystal-showers
Watched the sunlight fade the greys

Now I know that the cloud is sun’s wife
It doesn’t overshadow it
Just tries to hide from it the rampant human strife

A mere climber assumes an unknown nature
The flowers blush even in the autumn time
The delicate veins gain a new stature
Even the wind rejoices in its prime

The dull aged black on a building becomes ebony
The shade under a tree, a haven
The earth no longer cries in agony
All around, all you see is heaven

That window is mother of all the vistas
The ancient magic its eyesight
Anyone lacking in imagination is us
All life lost in worldly plight

Once upon a time, there was a window
In a wizard’s room, full of shine
It showed him the magic of believing
Lucky me! It is now a friend of mine.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Pieces

Well here's a new one for you to read...hope you like it...:

The way I walked was wrong
So was the way I used to sleep
My voice wasn’t good enough for a song
It was too “unlady”-like for me to weep

I wasn’t good enough for this
It would have been better had I done it like that
I knew if I would go you will never miss
After all I was just a stupid little brat

Can’t count the nights when I cried in bed
Thinking if you would just like me a little bit more
I used to wonder if its just all in my head
Maybe you love me but just know not how to show

I hated myself when I shouted at you
I never meant to but couldn’t hold on
I loathed my anger towards you
At that moment all my love for you…poof…gone!

I’ve waited day and night
To hear your voice now
I’ve been waiting in the dark for some ray of light
I’m still waiting, now

We’re two pieces of the same layout
We fit together amid chaotic force
You were just unable to understand my heart’s shout
Now I realize, so was I unable to hear yours…